Refinish Kitchen Cabinets for a Fresh Kitchen Look


What do you do when you have a long weekend? Going holiday is a good choice but if you do not have any plan, you can use it to transform your old and boring kitchen to the fresh and attractive kitchen. One of the most important furniture in the kitchen is cabinets. You can start from it. If you are bored and feel that the kitchen cabinets are not attractive, you should refinish kitchen cabinets. With a few touches, your kitchen cabinets will be like new again.

Preparations before Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet

Before you refinish kitchen cabinets, you have to prepare it. Firstly, you have to take out anything from the kitchen cabinets. Start from what is on the above it, then following to take of what is inside it. It will ease to remove the hardware. After that, remove the kitchen cabinet hardware. It should be done to ease you to step up to the next steps. After you are done, you are ready to re polish kitchen cabinets.

After all, it is better to clean the kitchen cabinet so that you will get the best result to refinish kitchen cabinets. You can use a wet cloth to wash it. Wash the kitchen cabinets wholly and dry it with a dry cloth. If it is needed, you can use a pledge to make sure that the kitchen cabinets really clean. Then, prime it before you repaint kitchen cabinets.

Finishing Touches of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Now, this is the main thing in refinishing the cabinets. After the basic painting is dry, you can start to paint the cabinets with a new painting color. Paint it wholly and carefully and after finish you can see the difference. So, if you want to have a fresh kitchen look with a cheap cost, you can refinish kitchen cabinets.

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