Offset Patio Umbrella, Tips to Get the Right One


Offset patio umbrella are different from the regular design patio umbrella as it does not require a specialized table for its stand. These offset patio umbrellas come with a stand that remains to the side of the patio setting without hampering the sitting arrangement. The advantage that this kind of umbrella has over other types is the range of coverage it provides. Most common umbrellas can only cover from a height of 6ft maximum, however, the offset patio umbrella can extend up to a height of 15 feet and cover more than just one patio table. These umbrellas are perfect for beach cafes and other large gatherings under the sun.

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Offset design however has a few drawbacks that one must be aware of before buying one. Firstly, with smaller umbrellas, the stand may not be strong enough to support the umbrella in fierce winds and bad weather conditions. Because it is a cantilever support system, it is prone to issues with the bent joint. These umbrellas unfortunately are not suitable for heavy use purposes.

However, the larger variants are immune to this problem. They can stand tall against any kind of natural force as long as it is not of a gigantic proportion. Another drawback associated with offset patio umbrella is the fact that the stand can come in the way of guests because it is out in the open and at the sides of the coverage area. This problem is taken care of be strategically positioning the stand so that it shall not hinder the layout of the patio area.

1 Foot Rectangular Patio Umbrella

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Offset patio umbrellas of today have progressed beyond static designs. Today, these umbrellas come with adjustable angle of shades that allows the user to tilt the umbrella almost 360 degrees to provide shade from the sun as it moves on the horizon. These modern marvels are perfect for outdoor gatherings that last through the day and also well into the night as such large offset umbrellas can accommodate a few lighting fixtures to illuminate the entire area beneath it. This becomes in a way a temporary roof for the occasion. Some newer models even come with an option to automatically and mechanically fold onto itself so that it can be stored when not in use. With the push of a button, the umbrella folds neatly onto itself because of which it can be used for a longer period.

An offset patio umbrella can come as cheap as $50 and can also burn a hole in your pocket costing more than $1000. It all depends on the size, make, material used and the guarantee provided with the umbrella. The large 15 feet umbrellas come for more than a thousand bucks, while the small household umbrellas made from inferior quality come for $50.

Regardless, of the size and price range, make sure to keep an eye on the material used and the stitching. These two things determine the life of the offset patio umbrella and settling for a cheaper type may cost you more in the long run. If you plan for the offset umbrella to be a part of the setting for a long time, then investing in the better quality and more durable products from various providers would be a great idea.

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