Modern Fireplace Designs, Trendy & Unique Option for Modern Homes


Modern Fireplace Designs - There are many connotations about modern or contemporary designs. In art, it means a lot of things-from artistic freedom and expressionism to nonconformity and individuality. But when it comes to fireplace designs, modern can be summed up with three words: simple yet stylish.

Most modern fireplace designs are uncomplicated-composed of mainly clean straight lines without the lavish décor and classical curves that some traditional designs are known for. They are normally matted in silver or can be in polished wood. Here are some of the most common types and makes of modern fireplace.

With evolving technology and changing interiors, the form of the fireplace has also been altered considerably. Modern fireplace designs are ergonomic, elegant, trendy and energy efficient as well. Glass doors and glass fronts have become an integral part of this design. Here is a collection of interiors that’s port such glass front fireplaces which combine safety with style.

Modern Fireplace Designs

Cast iron type is a polished cast insert or fascia panel that accentuates the modern look of your home. The timber surrounds, on the other hand, usually have an oak or pine frame or mantel. This elegant design would fit most contemporary home because it has no fancy corbels. Mix it with granite panel and hearth to achieve that striking contrast.

Modern Fireplace Designs

Perhaps the most common type of modern fireplaces are made from limestone. Lots of modern houses use age-old limestone not just for their fireplaces but also for other parts of the house like the kitchen or even the living room. The reason behind this is that its neutral color helps it to blend with any interior décor. If properly installed, it can even enhance the look of traditional houses. It may look simple, but it surely has a luxurious feel to it. Limestones vary in color and veining so no two limestone fireplaces look exactly the same-even if they have the same design.

Modern Fireplace Designs

Some companies offer micro grain marble mantel for you fireplace. What they do is crush these marbles into fine pieces and then bond them together to make a fireplace mantel. The good thing about this type is that they have a subtle but high gloss finish and remains as glossy for years to come.

Now if you like a modern fireplace design that can last a lifetime, then choose a fireplace suite that is made from natural stone. Some companies build these suites with a durable finish-they are scratch and stain resistant-and are suitable for gas fires.

With today’s modern styles, the options and possibilities are truly endless. These designs may appear lacklustre at first, but once you see the overall look of your home, you will realize that there is beauty in simplicity. These modern fireplace designs do not downplay the contemporary look of any home but actually highlight it. Who wouldn’t want to have a fireplace that blends well with the interior of the house? Not only is it pleasing to the eye but also provides you with a more enjoyable lounging whenever you prefer to stay in your living room.

Modern Fireplace Designs

A Touch of Class with a Frame of Glass!

Most contemporary homes sport a gas fireplace that helps in not just adding warmth to the place, but bringing a unique visual contrast as well. Fireplaces have a natural tendency to attract our gaze and stand out as the ‘show stoppers’ no matter where they are set. Most linear gas fireplaces come with a glass front that helps in more ways than just one. But from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, they blend in perfectly with a modern setting as glass is an element that is currently being used extensively in home design.

Contained Flames Offer Security

You do want your fireplace to offer an incandescent and warm spot where you can nicely tuck inside a warm blanket on a cold day as you sip your favorite beverage. Yet, the most important aspect of a fireplace design is to ensure that these flames do not spread to the remainder of the house! A glass front or well placed glass doors ensure that there are no embers or sparks that accidentally fly out of the fireplace. More than just the aesthetics, it is the safety that fireplaces with glass doors offer, which make them simply a must have.

Modern Fireplace Designs

Save Up On Energy

Just like an open window in the winter can cause your heating bills to go up drastically, similarly an open fireplace consumes a lot more energy to heat up the surrounding space. A closed design with glass doors helps in improving energy efficiency and cuts down on consumption of gas or wooden logs considerably. Fireplace glass doors and glass fronts come in a variety of forms and you can also opt for designs that give you a 360 degree view of the flames while still offering complete safety and peace of mind.

The cosy and homey feeling brought about by the fireplace’s lit fire is a feast for the senses. And if you are a hopeless romantic, the best way to cap the night off is to sit via the fireside with your loved right beside you. What a difference a fireplace makes!

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