Color Schemes Trending in Spring 2018


Color Schemes Trending in Spring 2018 - Spring cleaning is a huge thing for some of us. It is an annual tradition where everyone rolls up their sleeves and helps a little. Of course, sometimes things come together and it goes just fine. On other occasions it feels like an uphill struggle with everyone sulking and trying to discover new ways to wiggle out of it all. With spring cleaning also comes the urge to redecorate your home a touch and give a bright, new look. The colors that dominated during cold winter months give way to brighter, more vibrant colors of spring. There are also cool new color palettes to look forward to and today we explore the best of 2018!

There are some classics that never fail when it comes to spring color schemes. Then there are hot trends that come and go with each year. You can try out the new and exciting this year or stick to the already tried and tested. Altering color schemes in neutral spaces can be easy while redoing the palette entirely demands more in terms of both effort and budget. These are definitely not temporary choices and the trio of color combinations we present today promise to survive beyond spring, making it a great mid-term option as well.

Polished Black and Gold

As a combination black and gold invokes an image sophistication, modernity and opulence. It is a color duo that moves away from the mundane and gives you a world that is anything but sterile. It feels majestic, dashing and works in all seasons when you get the lighting right. Black and gold is a hot color scheme that is making big waves in 2018. With spring normally being all about freshness, bright colors and plenty of light, this turn towards darker scheme of things is a welcome surprise. Try it out in the smaller powder room, formal dining room or even the bedroom before you use it in the kitchen and living space.

White and Green Interiors

From the trendy and exceptional, we move on to a color duo that is much more of a classic and a perennial favorite among homeowners. It is hard to imagine an era when white and green as a decorating color scheme was not popular. In fact, each spring brings with it a new version of the white and green combination with a smart and relevant twist. The last few years, interior design has moved towards a more eco-friendly theme but in aesthetics and ergonomics. This year the theme continues with green and white interiors full of natural freshness and sunlight.

If you are not particularly good with taking care of indoor plants and live in a concrete jungle where indoor-outdoor interplay is just not possible, then try out a tropical theme with giant leaf motifs and colorful sparkle added here and there!

Explore the Monochromatic Look

Whenever we talk about fabulous color schemes, it is always about a ‘duo’ that anchors it all. Then there is another color in the midst of it all to make it even more exciting. But monochromatic rooms can be as exciting and eye-catching as their more diverse cousins. In these all-white, all-blue or completely-red rooms, it is important to work with different shades and tones of the same hue. Layering and lighting separate the obnoxiously garish from the brilliantly curated. Sure, white or gray can still peep in and fill the voids. But the perfect monochromatic room is a masterpiece that is hard to achieve. IF you wish to take up the challenge, then trial and error is your best friend!

Bathroom Color Schemes Trending in Spring 2018

Spring is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, and there’s no room that benefits from a clean, refreshing look quite like the powder room! Today we explore four different bathroom color schemes that have the power to transform your space. Can you say “spring makeover”?! We start with two of today’s trendiest colors, then veer into clean slate territory with white, wrapping up the post with some clever color combinations. Keep reading for lots of spring decorating inspiration.

Refreshing Mint

Mint: it’s not just for garnishing drinks! In fact, mint is one of today’s top colors, and the cool, crisp feel it evokes is perfect for powder rooms. Let’s begin with an elegant bathroom featuring terrazzo floors and a crystal chandelier. Mint pairs well with white, as the overall effect is soothing and relaxing. Not a bad vibe for the bathroom!

Mint also works well with neutral tones (like the warm glow of wood), as shown in this modern powder room from Studio William Hefner.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce mint without completely covering the walls, try adding mint tile to the shower! Why not go with a modern mermaid hue for the place where you bathe?

Pastel Pink

If you search online for “pink bathrooms,” the results can be a bit off-putting. Garish combinations of pink hues and sickly sweet motifs pop up, but rest assured that this season’s new take on pink is fresh and modern.

The look to shoot for is a light pastel pink, off-set by crisp white or textured cream tones Bringing in a hint of green is always a good idea, so introduce a houseplant or two into your powder room if you go this route. If you’re not sure about pink, you can always start with one accent item, such as the Frayed Roses Bath Mat in Pink from Urban Outfitters, shown below. Love the texture!

A pink bath towel or two can also be the perfect soft pop of color in an all-white bathroom. Below we see the powder room of blogger Laura Gummerman. For more info on that luxe Lucite towel bar, check out the full DIY at A Beautiful Mess.

Or you can dive right into rose-hued bliss with a pink tile shower. For an added touch, incorporate a modern or geo pattern, such as the subtle lattice design in the next image.

White: A Clean Slate for Spring

For the freshest and most crisp bathroom possible, go all-white! Not only is the look striking and soothing, it instantly channels a spa vibe. Plus, you can add a dose of greenery to celebrate the return of spring!

If your bathroom has a view, white is picture-perfect. The white tones serve as a neutral backdrop for the natural beauty just outside the window. And when spring arrives, it’s all about shades of green beyond the glass!

You can add warm touches to an all-white bathroom with details such as draperies, cushy seating, a large houseplant, a sea sponge and more. It’s about texture and comfy details. This next powder room has a living room feel, doesn’t it?!

Curated Color
We end today’s post by highlighting a bold look that’s all about combining bright colors in meaningful ways. While the look can quickly go from modern to circusy, the key is carefully curating the colors so they complement one another, and then being intentional about how you incorporate them into the room. This Paris bathroom is a celebration of neon hues.

A grouping of modern artwork is another clever way to go when it comes to adding color. Keeping the look simple yet vivid is key, and repetition plays a part here, as shown in this next contemporary powder room.

For introducing both color and pattern, try adding wallpaper. Go with a geometric print to keep the look from getting frilly. Geo wallpaper is perfect for retro-modern bathrooms like the one below. Accent with bright artwork in the same color family, and the look is complete!

You can always add a tasteful hint of bright color to the powder room with an interesting rug. Kilim rugs are a popular choice, as they combine many hues in earthy patterns. This rug was picked up in Morocco!

Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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