Breakfast Table and Chairs, Make Your Kitchen Complete


Breakfast Tables and Chairs - Of all the rooms in a house, outfitting a kitchen can be an arduous task given the large selection of kitchen breakfast table and chairs available today. Choosing the right breakfast table is essential to creating the look and feel you want in your kitchen. Your kitchen can be as special and unique as you are because there are so many varieties out there. Of the myriad of styles available, there are a few main styles of breakfast tables and chairs that are most likely to meet your needs. The first thing to consider before choosing a breakfast table and chair is where the table will go.

Key questions to ask yourself is how much space do you have to allocate to a breakfast table and chairs. Does your decor have an established theme? Smaller breakfast tables are perfect to fill an empty corner and are great places for quick breakfasts or coffee with a friend. If space permits a larger table is perfect for family and holiday gatherings.

The building materials for any breakfast table and chairs are much more important to the look of the set than the functionality. No matter what type of material you choose, options like drawers and drop leafs are paramount. Wooden breakfast tables are always very popular and can be a classy choice for the conservative décor. A wide variety of woods are available, with popular choices being oak, teak and cherry, to match or focus the look of your kitchen.

If you are into retro styling, metal is a good choice when choosing a breakfast table and chairs. Metal kitchen tables are obviously more durable and work well in high traffic kitchens.

The Pub Style Table or Counter Height Table

A favorite among men for its comfortable height the pub table is rapidly gaining in popularity. Pub style tables are taller than average, standing at 36 or 42 inches. These tables are perfect for casual dining and create a feeling of “dining out” at bar except you can dine-in in the comfort of your own home. No matter what your decorating taste - classic, ornate wood or more modern metals and glass, there is a pub style table with your name on it. Pair your pub kitchen table with the right set of chairs or stools and you’ve got the perfect place for late night drinks and an early breakfast.

The Dinette Set

The mainstay of television families was the square kitchen table with four chairs and this is the type of kitchen furniture most of us grew up with. Designed for homes with formal dining rooms this style kitchen table and chairs was definitely created for casual family dining. Sedate in design this style table was functional without overwhelming the room. While significantly smaller and less space occupying than the pub style table, the dinette style kitchen-seating works well in most kitchens and functions as a family community center.

The Quasi-Bar Table Set

Portable and expandable, this kitchen table set is extremely versatile and portable and makes it easy transfer from counter space to compact casual dining space. For a family on the go that dines in two’s this is perfect seating for a quick snack or bite to eat. For entertaining purposes the table can be moved to the center of the kitchen and makes a perfect gathering place for wine and cheese.

The right breakfast kitchen table and chairs can add much to the look and feel of your area. Whether buying to simply fill space or to complete your kitchen, your perfect table is out there just waiting for you.

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