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Wood Front Entry Doors Picture Ideas

Wood Entry Doors - It is true that there has been a gradual decline in the use of wood as the material for doors. But nobody can deny that wood entry doors carry a charm and grandeur of their own that is very hard to beat. Imposing is the word that best describes a wooden entry door. Think of the huge doors of wood almost a couple of floors high in palaces, castles and cathedrals around the world. Think of the old world charm of finely chiselled and crafted doors of many an old house in the countryside that has withstood the ravages of time. Such doors are considered masterpieces of art and sometimes surface in auction houses to be sold at extraordinary prices.

Yes, even though fibreglass and steel doors are the material of today for doors, there is no doubt that wooden entry doors can never be totally thrown off its traditional perch. Wood entry doors are best made from old growth trees but these have become a rarity today. Hence the emphasis is on alternate materials for manufacturing entry doors. Today, most of the entry doors that are made of wood are from genetically engineered species of wood grown on farms. These are not as strong or straight as the old growth trees and hence doors made from them do not last long or have the same gloss and longevity of their older counterparts.

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It is generally possible to easily differentiate between the qualities of entry doors made of wood. Ones made from poor quality will usually last a season or two before it begins to wrap or crack. However, the wood can be first processed and treated and especially engineered to stand up to the elements and last for years. Manufacturers and makers of wood entry doors apply a special laminating process that makes the door last for ages, even though it might have been made from wood of a lesser class. This procedure helps the door to ward off moisture and resist extreme temperature changes, thereby increasing its longevity.

In spite of its drawbacks, wooden doors continue to flourish because of the many options it offers. Wooden doors can be made into an infinite variety of looks, styles with various glass options. Customised designs to specifically suit and enhance the architectural beauty of your home can be requested for. Further, one can even choose the tint and grain depending on the wood which may be Mahogany, Fir, Oak, Cherry, Knotty Alder or Pine. Each has their very own characteristics, further increasing the alternatives that can be picked upon. If you want your house to have that unique and exclusive look, go for a wood entry door.

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