Stylish Contemporary Kitchen With Sizzling Style And Savvy Storage Space


Stylish Contemporary Kitchen With Sizzling Style And Savvy Storage Space - Bringing together three different design styles, a multitude of textures and an array of dazzling finishes, the Integra Range from Pedini is all about making the kitchen the heart of the house. Crafted to seamlessly merge lovely wooden finishes with glittering lacquered finishes, this modern kitchen features holistic and custom designs that serve your individual needs perfectly. Winning you over with its inimitable form, creative islands and peninsulas, and wide, fixed and movable worktops, the gorgeous kitchen presents some smart storage solutions.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

The Integra lineup of kitchens was specially crafted to combine several different spatial elements while creating a flowing and ergonomic kitchen. Each aspect of the kitchen can be altered to fit the floor space in your own kitchen, and worktop finishes vary from sparkling stainless steel to glass and stone. Exploiting the available vertical space to the hilt, the beautiful, tall cabinets allow you to tuck away the less frequently used kitchenware and china. Sliding glass doors and trendy nooks elegantly conceal the kitchen appliances, while exquisite breakfast and serving tables can be folded away when not in use.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

Whether it showcases warm and inviting wooden tones or sleek, minimalist features clad in cool neutral hues, the Integra range offers something for everyone. With the use of the right accent colors and bespoke compositions, one can transform each of these kitchens into a natural extension of the living space, which is both organic and efficient. Much like the brilliant Atelier Kitchen we showcased earlier, Integra too sets the tone for your house both spatially and thematically!

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

Tips to Add Savvy Storage to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s safe to say that nobody wants a cluttered space when preparing dinner, working at the counter or simply spending time with family and friends. By keeping your kitchen tidy and organized, you can spend more time cooking a tasty meal instead of digging around for a long-lost casserole dish. From affordable additions to more extensive upgrades, here are seven easy tips to quickly add savvy storage to your kitchen.

1. Consider Open Shelving

Increase storage and keep things within reach with prettily arranged open shelving. Not only does open shelving put lovely, often-used items on display, but going vertical with storage also creates more space in your kitchen. Light shelving adds an element of visual interest without cluttering the space with more cabinetry.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

2. Hang a Utensil Rack

One of the biggest annoyances in the kitchen is jumbled utensils. Hang a matching set of your most-used utensils above the stove for quick and easy access. This is an exceptionally versatile option for smaller kitchens, as it frees up much-needed drawer and cabinet space.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

3. Try a Narrow Rollout Cabinet

Short on space? Consolidate your cooking oils and spices into a handy rollout cabinet. Perched at cabinet height or higher, these narrow pull-out cabinets are a space-conscious way to create a nook for smaller pantry essentials. The kitchen shown here knows how to maximize small unused space next to the fridge—narrow rollouts easily store cutting boards, baking sheets and other items.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

4. Add Drawer Dividers

Sick of digging through drawers trying to find matching lids to your pots and Tupperware? Here lies the beauty of drawer dividers and inserts. They’re a simple and affordable option for pull-out drawers that puts everything in its correct place.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

Drawer dividers are great for creating a space for pot lids and Tupperware pieces, keeping them separate and easy to navigate when it comes time to wrap up leftovers. Tuck away baking tins, racks and cookie sheets with horizontal or sub-drawer dividers for easy access when baking.

5. Maximize Corners

Why waste perfectly usable space? Maximize hidden corners with lazy Susans, magic corners and corner drawers. We love using corner cabinets for storing small appliances and dishware we use sparingly, like rice cookers and holiday dishes. Corner drawers are wonderful additions if you find yourself needing more space for items that don’t get pulled out as regularly as your favorite cereal bowl.

stylish contemporary kitchen with savvy storage

6. Hide the Trash

It’s a fact — no one likes clunky trash cans on display. Free up space with a waste and recycling bin cabinet system that can be hidden when necessary. Pull-out drawers make trash access convenient for those of all ages and mobility. Take advantage of extendable drawers for additional storage for cleaning supplies and trash bags to free up under-sink space.

Stylish Contemporary Kitchen With Sizzling Style And Savvy Storage Space with Kitchen Shelves Storage Idea

7. Purchase a Movable Kitchen Island

Islands are amazingly versatile additions to any kitchen—there is a reason they’ve become a staple in modern kitchen design. If space allows, invest in a movable island to instantly add storage and food prep space. Narrow islands with locking casters are perfect for smaller kitchens and can easily be moved out of the way should you have guests over. Islands are also a great way to add a dash of contrasting color or material to your space while simultaneously creating storage for clunky appliances, mixing bowls and hand towels.

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