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stone fireplace ideas for a cozy

A stone fireplace design, regardless of whether it is natural stone or cast, is a symbol of beauty and elegance that will last a lifetime. This article gives you some of the basics on any stone fireplace design. One of the things that make all stone fireplaces unique is that no two are alike. No matter if you have two made in the same design with the same natural stone they will still be different. Stones will vary in color and texture.

With any stone fireplace design you can go for a basic design or you can also get as intricate as you would like. You are only limited by your imagination. You can find limestone hearths as well as hearths made from granite and tile if you choose. All of these can be sized to fit your particular specifications.

Many homeowners design their stone fireplace to fit into the natural surroundings of the area they live in. One of the biggest benefits with a stone fireplace design is safety. Stone is the safest material to build any type of fireplace with. It will also hold up much better over the years than other materials. And unlike these other materials, you can also use stone just as easily in the outdoors. An outdoor stone fireplace design is yet another option.

You can design your fireplace in a country style, as well as a classical or contemporary design. The choices are virtually endless. Don't forget, stone also makes for a beautiful fireplace surround and in some cases even a mantel. Looking at stone fireplace gives you an incredible calmness. It is so soothing and relaxing. So, if you have been considering a new fireplace, take a look at a stone fireplace design.

Everyone has a different choice when it comes to what a dream home must look like and while the interiors and décor may vary from individual to individual, there are some design elements that remain common and essentially timeless. A lovely fireplace in your living room can really add a whole new dimension to your home. It essentially is a place which can be both the center for social gatherings and even intimate and special moments.

With modern designers using glass, wood and stone in various proportions to achieve the best possible results, a stone fireplace is indeed a welcome addition.

From the classic to the contemporary, stylish minimalism to specially chosen themes, a stone fireplace fits in perfectly with almost any setting. All you need to find is the best stone, the right shade, a competent designer and a captivating design. Put them together and magic unfolds, as you will see with the 25 stone fireplace designs we have here.

Stone fireplaces are not just great for the interiors, but current designs and beautifully cut stone ensure that they can be part of patios and rooftops as well. With glass cases, many modern stone fireplaces are now becoming part of even ultra-sleek and futuristic themed living rooms and business settings. Since stone comes in such great natural variation, it not only adds to the aesthetics of the room, but also brings in a different textural element as well.

There is nothing like spending a bit of time with friends, family and loved ones during the holiday season around a cozy and warm fireplace. This is especially true during the Christmas and New Year week and in case you are lucky enough to experience a ‘white Christmas’, then it could be the setting for memories that will last a lifetime.

Depending on your own specific needs and the space available in your home, you can opt for stone fireplaces that range from the compact to the extravagant and audacious. The idea is to ensure that it goes perfectly well with the textures, colors and mood of the room already present. With a bit of imagination and loads of inspiration (like on offer here), one can truly reinvent home interiors.

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