Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2018


Trends in outdoor furniture have changed drastically through the years. At one time, the only lawn furniture that you would see outdoors were the plastic or web lawn chairs or loungers. While many still use varieties of plastic for their outdoor furniture, many other materials and styles are used as well. Outdoor furniture has extended far beyond the mismatched, disposable chairs and chaises of years gone by, and new, inventive furnishings are taking it’s place. Some of the unique styles seen include themed pieces displaying modern materials, intricate patterns, and international flavor.

With spring in the air, the perfect mild breeze is gracing our porches and patios. In some areas, it won’t be long before the mosquitoes are out and the blazing temperatures of summer strike. In other words, now is the time to savor an outdoor meal and lounge in the fresh air! If you’re shopping for furniture to spruce up your outdoor space, you’ll love this year’s collections. Not only is the product photography gorgeous and inspiring, the furnishings and accessories can’t help but reflect a desire to create a vacation vibe at home. Keep reading for a few of our favorite outdoor furniture trends.

The style and designs of your outdoor furniture reflect your personality and your taste. When you decide to give your garden a complete makeover, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is garden furniture. Recent trends in outdoor furniture have shown that people are more interested in making their gardens look stylish and yet simple. There were days when only plastic chairs were used for gardens. Now, the trend is to make the outdoor space as homey and attractive as the indoors of your home. There have been drastic changes in the trend of garden furniture so that now you hardly find plastic patio furniture.

People are ready to spend a little more to give their patios elegant looks. Wooden garden furniture is the latest in the field of garden furniture that has gained immense popularity. Of the wooden garden furniture, teak is the most preferred as it gives a rich and luxurious look. A few years back, teak was used only for indoor furniture, but now, they are increasingly used even as outdoor furniture. Patio furniture is available in different types, like the tables, chairs, coffee tables, and so on. Teak furniture is much more durable than any other material. They are a little expensive but will have a longer life. You get a wide range of outdoor furniture in teak with beautiful designs carved onto it. By adding the right type of cushions to it, your garden is sure to look stylish.

People spend their leisure time outside in their gardens and relax under the sun. The outdoor space must also be made to look good to match with your interiors. That’s the place where most of us would like to spend time with our guests, making them feel comfortable. Nowadays, you get a wide range of outdoor furniture that is fashionable as well as economical. Stylish glass-top tables with chairs that have deep-seated cushions find places in many gardens in modern houses. Glass-top tables are available at affordable prices and are convenient to clean and maintain. However, the only drawback of these is their high chance of breakage.

Rattan furniture is another trend that has made outdoor furniture even more attractive. Rattan is a natural ingredient that is being used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is similar to bamboo but is much more durable and is a solid wood, not hollow like bamboo. This makes them much stronger than bamboo. There are special designs that could be carved onto the rattan garden furniture. They give a contemporary look to your outdoor space.

Metal garden furniture is still being used in most houses. Its affordability and low maintenance cost have made it a popular choice. It is now available in better designs and colors to match your home. You also get a wide range of choices like benches, coffee tables, swings, loungers, and so on.

Patio Furniture Trends 2018

Get ready for the latest in patio furniture trends for 2018! Our patio experts research and visit the Casual Furniture Market in Chicago to find out what’s hot for the upcoming patio season. We do our best to showcase trending items along with classic staples. Here are the first five of nine patio furniture trends we’re seeing in the Midwest:

1. Occasional Height Fire Pits

Fire pits designed to sit lower to the ground at coffee table height are a new trending item this season. With more options available this year in sizes and designs you’ll be able to find the perfect fire pit for your seating arrangement. Remember most of these lower fire pits do require a small tank size (which Peters Billiards carries) or you can have a professional hook them up to a natural gas line.

Occasional Height Fire Pits Contemporary Trends in Outdoor Furniture 2018

2. Grays Patio

Grays in varying shades are big again. You’ll find more gray options in fabrics, metals, wickers, fire pit tops and accessories than ever before. Looking to blend gray into your heavily brown-toned décor? Look for a shade of gray that has a taupe or brown undertone to easily coordinate.


3. Outdoor Rooms

There is more emphasis on the outdoor room and extending the “living room” and kitchen outside. Mimicking indoor décor designs and styles for a seamless look and extension of your home. Patio furniture is constantly trying to be more like indoor furniture and replicating as much comfort and design as you would find in your living room. Expanding from just a dining set to outdoor sectionals, swivel & rocking chairs, lighting, heaters, and much more will make your outdoors just as comfortable as indoors.

4. Blues

Blues are hot once again. From navy to denim to blue-grays there’s something for every home. Not a fan of a large piece of furniture in blue? Opt for blue pillows, a blue umbrella or simple blue dining seat cushions.

5. Organic Textures

Natural and more organic textures in woven furniture frames, fabrics, and faux stone. Vinyl wicker manufacturers are producing more realistic textures for the frames. The result is a beautiful piece that you have a hard time discerning that from the real thing! Faux stone made to resemble concrete or wooden planks is another trending texture as shown on the fire pits below.

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