How to Make Halloween Decorations


Halloween decorations will play the most important role for your Halloween party. To create the Halloween theme that you are looking for, you the host, have to decide on what kind of Halloween settings that you want. There are large selections of Halloween props available when trying to create a sinsiter scene in front of your house. You can have a variety of gruesome horror Halloween prop decorations out front: as an example you could create decorating with pumpkins or create simple magnificent monsters spiders with foam balls black spray paint and chenille stems. In this article I’ll tell you about how to make halloween decorations with pumpkins.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Homemade halloween decorations are a world away from the mass-produced flimsy plastic and paper dollar store offerings. Making your own decorations ensures a unique look, plus you can reuse items around your house that might otherwise go to waste. By making your own decorations with family and/or friends each year, you can look forward to an enjoyable Halloween tradition. How to make halloween decorations with pumpkins? Check this out !

How to Make Halloween Decorations : Decorating with Pumpkins

Make a Jack O’Lantern.

No Halloween would be complete without the iconic Jack O’Lantern in its various forms. The classic Jack O’Lantern is made by carving a pumpkin and placing a candle inside it, but here are some other ideas:

how to make halloween decorations

  • Carve a disco ball pumpkin. This is a carved pumpkin with a twist and it throws light out from all over its many holes. It’s a load of fun to make and people won’t be able to resist making comments about it.
  • You can make Jack O’Lanterns out of various fruits and veggies, including oranges, pomegranates, and peppers.

Decorate a Pumpkin

If you don’t want to go through the mess and stress of carving a pumpkin, there are many ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving it:

  • Paint or spray paint a pumpkin a single color. You might leave it one color (silver and gold are popular), or draw designs on the pumpkin with a sharpie after it’s been painted.
  • Use a stencil to help you draw or paint a face or other design on your pumpkin.
  • Use stickers or other surface embellishments to decorate a pumpkin. If you want to use something more natural, consider covering a pumpkin in lovely autumn leaves.
  • Dress your pumpkin up like a person. Use your pumpkin as the head of a mummy or zombie in your yard, put a wig on it, or add other embellishments that make it look more human (or monstrous, as the case may be).
  • Peel your pumpkin. Draw a design on your pumpkin and then use a knife to only cut deep enough to pierce the skin. You want to expose the pumpkin’s flesh without cutting the flesh. Draw an outline with your knife and then dig the knife beneath the pumpkin’s skin as you pull the skin back.

Grow a Pumpkin Patch

This one is a long-term project and will only work if you have access to a yard, but it’s sure rewarding. Choose a large spot that will give the pumpkins ample space to grow and that will be easily seen by trick-or-treaters.

how to make halloween decorations

  • Make sure the spot will get lots of sun, and that the soil can get ample drainage, especially after heavy rain.
  • You’ll need to find out when to plant pumpkins in your region. Pumpkin seeds generally need to be planted in late spring or early summer if you want to harvest them in the fall.
  • There are different types of pumpkins to choose from: pie pumpkins for eating, decorative pumpkins for carving, and mini pumpkins.

Make a fake pumpkin patch

If you aren’t into growing pumpkins, just buy a bunch of pumpkins and arrange them in a way that mimics a pumpkin patch. Don’t forget to add vines and greenery to make it look more authentic.

how to make halloween decorations

You can even make a neat yard design with pumpkins, for example, having them line your path. In this case you could connect them with vines so that they look kind of like a pumpkin fence.

Make pumpkin tabletop decorations.

There are quite a few ways that the pumpkin can grace your Halloween party or dinner table:

Halloween Decorating Ideas

  • Make a still life arrangement using miniature pumpkins of various shapes and sizes. Pile them up beautifully, with a few fall leaves here and there.
  • Decorate a pumpkin with netting and ribbon, and then place it in the middle of your table as a centerpiece.

Make paper pumpkin cut-outs.

Use construction paper or different types of card stock to make pumpkin-shaped cut-outs for decorating your home.

  • You can make big cut-outs to fix to your walls, or smaller ones for bunting, banners, and mobiles.
  • To make pumpkin bunting or garland, glue a row of paper cut-outs to yarn or a long strip of paper, and hang them up around your home. If you’re worried about the cut-outs falling off the yarn, poke holes in the top of them and run the yarn through instead of glueing them.

Make pumpkin favors

These cardboard decorations can be placed along benches, on shelves or they can be strung along like bunting for a ceiling decoration:

  • Cut out a 3-inch circle from a piece of orange cardboard (one for each favor/guest). This will form the base of your pumpkin.
  • Cut out a 9-inch circle from orange crepe paper or tissue paper. This will form your pumpkin. You need one for each base that you cut.
  • Place the cardboard circle into the center of the crepe paper circle. If you want to, you can fasten it in the center so that it doesn’t move around while you finish making the favor.
  • Gather the edges of the crepe paper/tissue and pull them up so that it looks like a bag.
  • Stuff the “bag” tightly with cotton balls, shaping it as you go so that the bag is in the shape of a pumpkin. Tie a knot at the top of it.
  • Twist the paper at the top so that it looks like a stem. Add some glue to the “stem” so that it won’t unravel, then cover the stem with green paper.
  • Use a black felt pen or stickers to add a face to your pumpkin, and you’re done!

Make a pumpkin collage.

A pumpkin collage can be an interesting piece of artwork for decorating a wall. Start with a cardboard cut-out of a pumpkin, and then fill it in with items of your choosing. You might fill the collage with autumn leaves, photos of previous Halloweens, or images from your favorite scary movies.

Make a pumpkin wreath.

A simple wreath can be made using a wire wreath form and miniature pumpkins as follows:

  • Place the miniature pumpkins in a circle to see how many you’ll use to make a wreath. You may need around 14 to 20 pumpkins, depending on their size.
  • Drill a horizontal hole through each miniature pumpkin. Keep the holes as close to the bottom of the pumpkins as you can, as this will keep them hidden from view when the wreath is hanging.
  • String 20-gauge wire through the first pumpkin’s holes. Place this pumpkin against the wire wreath form and twist the wire inside the pumpkin holes around the wire wreath form to keep in place.
  • Repeat for each pumpkin until all are attached to the wreath form.
  • Tuck dry moss into the gaps between the pumpkins. Keep this in place with more wiring.
  • Tie a large bow at the top of the wreath, leaving long tie lengths hanging below the wreath. Cut the ends diagonally to prevent fraying.
  • Hang a wire hook at the top of the wreath and hang the wreath in position on your front door.

Make mini-pumpkin candle holders

  • Pick out some mini-pumpkins at your local grocer or pumpkin patch. Cut off the tops and scoop out enough flesh to make room for a votive candle or tea light.
  • Push the candle or tea light into the emptied mini-pumpkin and you’re done.
  • Place the candle holder wherever you’d normally use a candle, using common sense to keep it away from flammable items.

Make pumpkin-shaped candles

  • Purchase wax, wicks, and pumpkin moulds from your local craft shop. Place the wick in the mould, melt the wax down, and pour it into the mould too.
  • Once the wax cools, remove it from the mould and you’ve got a pumpkin candle.
  • You can add colors and/or scents to the wax to the candles as well.

How do you plan to decorate this Halloween?

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