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Granite countertops give rooms a powerful and timeless look. The classic natural stone aesthetic is highly sought after for many reasons. If you are looking to add a touch of the outdoors to your home, then nothing does this better than granite countertops. While commonly considered the material of choice for bathrooms and kitchens, granite countertops can be cut to order to replace other surfaces as well. Before you go to the expense of having new countertops installed, educate yourself on the granite kitchen countertops pros and cons. This will help you to decide whether or not granite has a place in your home.

Granite kitchen countertops deliver gorgeous aesthetics in kitchens and have other good qualities. However, there are some potential weaknesses to keep in mind as you consider granite kitchen countertops for your home. Here is a look at both sides of granite kitchen countertops pros and cons.

Reasons to Consider Granite Countertops

Granite has a rich beauty that few other countertop materials can match. It is a natural product with a timeless aura and appeal. Granite kitchen countertops take a high-quality kitchen to the next level visually and often become the centerpiece of the room. With more than 20 shades of granite to work with, you’ll find one that blends perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, flooring and walls.

Granite is a very hard substance and is not susceptible to scratches. While not ideal to work on because it will dull knife blades, it will take normal wear and tear very well. Granite resists heat too, so its use near a range or cooktop is ideal. When you have to set down a hot pan fast, granite can take the heat without being damaged or weakened. In the bathroom, placing a hair tool on it that is still warm won’t be a problem.

Granite can be very resistant to stains and won’t absorb liquids when it is properly sealed. A good professional installer will be able to seal it correctly so that it maintains its attractive good looks indefinitely, or you can do it yourself.

Reasons to be Cautious about Granite Countertops

For all their beauty and durability, granite kitchen countertops do have a few weaknesses. The most concerning problems can occur when the granite kitchen countertops  are not sealed correctly or the sealant wears off without the counters being resealed. Granite is porous. This means that unsealed or poorly sealed counters can absorb wine, juice or oil, producing a stain that might be impossible to remove. A poorly-sealed countertop can also harbor bacteria in its pores.

Some treated granite can go 10 years without being sealed, but many countertops will need to be resealed on a yearly basis. When this is overlooked, it won’t take long for granite kitchen countertops to begin to show signs of staining.

While these counters are very durable, a heavy object dropped on a corner might crack or chip the granite. This isn’t common, but it can happen under the right circumstances. The final caution is that granite kitchen countertops prices are very high. Expect to pay more than $100 per square foot of countertop, and prices as high as $250 are not uncommon.

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Granite Kitchen Countertops Pros

  • Each slab of granite is totally unique. Why? Granite is mined as single, large slabs that are 100% natural stone and no two sheets are alike.
  • Some colors of Granite can come in jumbo slab sizes for use on large island cabinetry. This is a benefit because you don’t need to put an unsightly seam in the center of your kitchen. If you have a large island or spacious kitchen, granite may be the answer to avoid seams.
  • There are hundreds of shades/colors of granite slabs to choose from and they’re beautiful and impressive to look at; many people consider the imperfections to be what makes granite so distinctive. Take a look at our remodeling ideas page for more inspiration. It can even become the focal point of your kitchen which will blend well with your floor, walls, and cabinets.
  • In general, granite stands up to normal use quite well although it can dull your knife blades (although we never recommend using granite countertops as a cutting board).
  • Granite can be used outdoors. Because it a natural mineral granite is built to withstand the elements. It won’t weather or fade because of exposure to the sun.
  • When granite is correctly sealed by a professional, your granite countertops won’t soak up liquids and is stain-resistant.
  • Granite has a wide range of pricing. While your most inexpensive, low-end granite will run you about $55 per square foot, you must be careful of hidden fees. However, if you’re considering exotic, high-quality granite, you could shell out as much as $150 per square foot!

Granite Kitchen Countertops Cons

  • If you’re going to replace a large countertop, you’ll need a few different slabs to finish the job and it’ll be impossible to make the joining seams invisible. A professional will be able to make inconspicuous cuts and make the seam color correspond to the granite; yet, if you’re searching for the seams, they’ll be very evident.
  • Granite, by nature, is absorbent. If your granite countertops aren’t properly sealed or left unsealed, it could end up absorbing oil, wine and juice which will create a stain that you won’t get rid of. In addition, improperly sealed granite will hold bacteria. You should plan to reseal your granite countertops once a year; if you don’t the countertops will quickly begin to show evidence of staining. Check out a blog we wrote about taking proper care of your granite countertops.
  • Granite countertops are tough and long-lasting but, while it’s uncommon, if a heavy item like a frying pan is dropped on the countertop’s corner the granite could chip or crack.
  • Granite tends to have a lot of variation in the tone and texture. Depending on your taste, you may not like this variation. In the past five years, monotone colors have become more popular which limits the use of granite in contemporary kitchens.


Are you good about home maintenance projects including keeping up with regular granite countertop cleaning? Are you careful with juice spills and similar events? If so, there is no good reason not to consider granite countertops. On the other hand, if you’ve got a busy lifestyle and would do better with a no-maintenance countertop, you’ve got plenty of good options there too. See our other Pros and Cons articles to compare countertop materials you want to learn more about. Also check out great cleaning products in our store; it is very important to use cleaning products designed for your type of countertop to keep them looking great for years to come.

Now that you have heard all the granite kitchen countertops pros and cons you can make an informed decision. If you’re still having trouble deciding or would like more information, please contact us or check out this great article. We’ll be happy to help you select the countertop that will work best for you.

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