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Creative Room Divider Ideas

Dividing Rooms by Using Room Divider - I live in the small town. Because the land is very large, it is possible for me to build a house in the large size. Having a large house is very nice. I can put large and big furniture there. What about you? Do you have the same opinion as me too? But I have something troubled here. My living room seems very large. When I make the plan for my house, actually the large living room is not in my mind. But my friends suggest me to decorate a large living room. Now, I regret it. Having the large living room makes me hard two clean it. So, I take the room divider.

I divide the living room into two parts. In the front part, I put a set of sofa with coffee table. In my plan, I will use this space for having the coffee time with my family. It will be really nice for having the coffee time together after going works. Besides that, i can watch television in the living room also. After sofa application, I put the room divider. It is for making the division to the living room under the sofa.


I use the space in the back part of the living room for the playing space. My kids should have special place for having the playing time together. That is why; I make it combined with the living room. They can play there. So, the room divider will be very beneficial here. Even though the main function of this is for dividing the room, but I select the decorative room divider.

Besides for dividing the rooms, it is for decorative items also. Now, my kids can play in the same room with me. I can control them while watching television. The room divider is really beneficial for me.

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