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Craftsman style is a very interesting design style which is enjoying a growing popularity with homeowners and designers. It is also known as Mission style and has some specifics and typical characteristics. We will show you some beautiful Craftsman kitchen design ideas which feature the simple straight lines, minimal ornamentation and high quality construction of the cabinets.

Craftsman is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for its’ clean lines and rugged character. Sometimes referred to as Mission style, traditionally it boasts shaker style doors, earthy metal hardware such as brass or iron, and it’s constructed with quartersawn oak or other woods.

It has evolved in its’ latest rendition but it still hold much of its’ classic unmistakable style. Now it’s not uncommon Craftsman kitchen design ideas to see:

  • Painted doors
  • Bright colors
  • Quartz countertops
  • Chrome fixtures
  • Bright pull
Which is in stark contrast to the more traditional:
  • Wood cabinets
  • Earthy colors
  • Natural stone
  • Oil rubbed fixtures
  • Muted pulls
The style has grown up a bit and turned into something that’s probably better to be classified as eclectic design. In the gallery you’re going to see a nice mix of both.This brief checklist will help you get the Craftsman style kitchen design elements right, right from the start. Use it on your own or in working with a designer.
  1. Cabinets to be face-framed with inset doors.
  2. Finished design should look sturdy; ensure that stiles and rails are wide enough to do create this look.
  3. Doors and drawer fronts should be five-piece shaker style with flat panels and square edged stiles and rails.
  4. Use flat slab drawer fronts for top drawers
  5. Use at least some double panel doors
  6. If using an exposed hinge; finish should coordinate with homes doorknob hardware
  7. Hinges should not be ornate. If they are barrel hinges, they should have a ball tip rather than a finial.
  8. Use Craftsman style knobs and pulls of wood or metal. Metal hardware to have a hammered finish
  9. Drawer boxes to be of solid wood, preferably dovetailed
  10. At least some upper cabinets should have glass. Stained or obscured 'water glass' will add a vintage look
  11. On glass doors use narrow square mullions divided in the craftsman style.
  12. End panels and back of island panels to match doors; use multi-panels where possible
  13. Counter-tops: consider using a mix of materials. Soapstone will give an earthy natural feel; honed granite will as well. In defined bake areas, use marble.
  14. Avoid ornate trim; keep edges square. If you use a crown, keep it very simple.
  15. If the ceiling is nine feet high or more consider running the upper cabinets to the ceiling, dividing the frame in two with small square top doors and taller narrow doors below.
  16. If base cabinets are to have legs keep them simple, straight or angled lines. You can use gentle curves but use them sparingly. This also applies to valences below upper cabinets
  17. Suggested materials:
  • Quartersawn oak
  • Cherry
  • Vertical grain Douglas Fir
  • Painted maple
So are you ready to see it? I bet you are. Scroll on down to see all 51 design ideas.

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