25 Colorful Sofas Trend for Elegant Living Room


There are plenty of different ways to add bright color to the modern living room. The most popular choice is undoubtedly the accent wall, with almost 70 percent of homeowners turning to paint to give their living space a quick makeover. But there are plenty of other things you can do to alter the ambiance of the living room and ensure that it stands out from the crowd. Colorful décor is once again back in fashion, and the days of the plain white and dull beige couch are long gone. For those who love neutrals, it is a plush sofa in gray that is the new ‘go to’ living room décor item. But those with a more vibrant outlook invite home a lot more color!

A colorful sofa or couch can give that old living room a new lease on life and transform a mundane setting into an interesting and breezy space. It can also double as a cool focal point and set the tone for the accent color in the room. Since changing the sofa regularly is not an option (at least for most of us), picking a brightly colored couch is not for those with a fickle love for color. But if you love color, this unique furniture upgrade will not disappoint.

Colorful Sofas Trend : Ravishing in Red!

Buying a sofa is a hard decision at the best of times. The safe choice is often to purchase one in a neutral hue that will adapt to the changing color scheme of the living room over time. The sofa in gray, beige or white allows you to alter the accent hues of the living space far more easily as well. But go a bit bold this fall and think about a brightly colored red sofa, a décor addition that can instantly turn heads and become the showstopper of the space it adorns. The red couch is great for eclectic, Asian and even Scandinavian-style living rooms where both the style and the backdrop allow it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

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colorful sofas trend

Colorful Sofas Trend : Sunny Radiance of Yellow

A smart couch in yellow can offer that perfect balance between colorful zest and understated elegance in a living room that needs a bit of both. This is usually ushered in by sofas in shades like mellow yellow and light lemon, which seem both bright and neutral at the same time. Those seeking ‘sunnier’ options can consider sofas in shades like mango yellow, mustard, sunflower, honey and gold! The yellow sofa seems even more alluring in rooms with a predominantly white backdrop and gives the impression of a sun-kissed living space that is simply timeless.

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Colorful Sofas Trend : Classic Allure of Blue

Even more popular than the sofa in lighter hues of yellow is the couch in light blue. For many, this is the perfect couch that balances excitement and brightness with an ability to blend in with a wide range of color schemes and styles. If you are buying a sofa in bright cobalt blue, velvety navy blue or dashing indigo, there are two distinct routes you can take with the style of the living area. Those in love with a traditional-style interior can consider styles like Victorian by combining the sofa with accents of gold. But if you still want a modern living room, then coastal, beach, Scandinavian, eclectic and even contemporary styles can easily accommodate the beautiful blue sofa.

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Colorful Sofas Trend : Gorgeous Green!

Unlike the red, blue and yellow sofas, one in green is a rarity that most homeowners tend to stay away from. Part of the reason is the complicated nature of the color that does not allow you to experiment with too many styles and themes. Add to this the fact that a brightly colored green sofa forces you to keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible, and future changes in color schemes seem limited. But if you still absolutely love the hue, then by all means go for it! Inspirations below showcase how even the most dramatic green sofa feels at home in a curated contemporary living room.

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Colorful Sofas Trend : Fun Use of Color

Are you not one to settle for those basic hues on the color wheel? That is definitely not an issue when it comes to brightly colored sofas, as you can pretty much order a custom piece in a color of your choice. Hot pinks and fuchsia seem to be a popular, offbeat choice among homeowners who wish to give the living room a hint of femininity, while orange is for those who seek spunk and flamboyant flair. And if all this still does not satisfy your demand for color, then turn to a few gorgeous throw pillows to fill the living room with even more vibrancy!

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