Be Safe and Stylish With a Tempered Glass Table Top


Be Safe and Stylish With a Tempered Glass Table Top - Tempered glass table top should be your choice when you choose to bring in glass table tops into your house. Today, more and more individuals and families are introducing table tops made of glass into their homes. This is because of the fact that while it is simple, it adds style and sophistication to the interior décor of the house. However, in addition to the style and sophistication that is added to the home, this kind of tops can also pose a household hazard.

Every year, thousands of children and also adults are hospitalized due to accidents involving table tops made of glass. In fact, some reports suggest that approximately 20,000 cases occur every year involving these accidents. The most common way accidents of this nature occur is when a child crashes into the glass top causing the it to break into many sharp pieces. The solution to this is to use tempered glass table top.

Although they might cost a little bit more due to the extra processing required producing them, this kind is much safer. This is because they have higher strength compared to the ordinary ones. The higher strength is obtained from the longer heat treatment during production.

The distinction between tempered glass table top and the others in terms of safety lies in the way it breaks. The tempered one tends to shatter into thousands of small pieces compared to normal glass that breaks into different jagged shapes. As a result, the normal one can break into sharp pieces that might cut into an artery that can subsequently cause severe damage.

However, given that the tempered one shatters into thousands of small pieces, the injury caused when it shatters is minor. In fact, you might only suffer minor cuts in the unfortunate event that your tempered glass top breaks.

Over the years, manufacturers have been trying to push cheap products into consumer houses to increase their profit margin. They achieve this by selling ordinary models at high prices without providing ample warning to consumers about the dangers that their products pose. Therefore, if you are a fan of this furniture, the chances are that you have an unsafe furniture lying around somewhere in your house.

If this is the case, you should contact your nearest glass maker and ask them to replace your existing one with a tempered kind. Also, you could trade in your existing table top to help fund the purchase of your newer and safer tempered table top.

Whatever the case is, be sure that your appetite for style and sophistication does not jeopardize the safety inside your house. Make sure that you only use the tempered glass kinds.

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