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DIY Lift Top Coffee Table

New Coffee Table For Your Home - If you've invested in top quality upholstered furnishings, chances are they will be part of your décor for many years to come. When a room begins to look a little tired, you don't exactly want to drop a lot of dough on a new sofa or chairs, when the ones you have a perfectly good.

However, you can switch things up a lot by getting a new coffee table for your room instead. While it's often ignored on a day-to-day basis, this table is an essential part of the look of a room, and their design, use of materials and even their tone can greatly affect the ambience. The best part about getting a new table is that it's OK to break the rules. You don't have to go traditional at all. In fact, you can make just about anything a coffee table, from driftwood with a glass top to an old steamer trunk.

One of the freshest ideas out there is to use nesting tables for your new coffee table. Nesting tables are usually three tables in one that can stack together, with each table set under the other one. But nesting tables can also make a nice, new coffee table. You can set them up with the largest table in the middle, flanked by the two smaller ones. This still gives you lots of space as a table, but creates three different levels visually. This can give your room a little more pizzazz because it's unexpected.

You can further change the character of the room by getting a coffee table that has a clear top. This opens up the space visually, giving the room a cleaner look since it's not a solid surface, but a transparent one.

When choosing a new coffee table, you really want to give some thought as to its use. This can really guide you in narrowing down your choices from the thousands of tables on the market today. For example, you may want a statement piece, one that is bold in character, but not as useful for holding things. This can include a slatted coffee table, which are very beautiful, but almost impossible to set a glass or cup of coffee on.

Another option is to get a new coffee table that can serve dual roles. This includes styles that are an ottoman as well as a coffee table. The cushions on top can be flipped over. On the other side are wood trays that will allow you to serve food and beverages. A bonus is that down below is additional storage.

This brings up an important point. If you love to read books, have a lot of remotes or have something you want to keep handy, such as a comforter, you may want to get a table that has storage below. This can include styles that have doors that open up or a lift top model where you access everything from above. These have become increasingly popular, especially ones where the top not only lifts up but out, creating an impromptu table for eating.

As you can see, a new coffee table can really change the character of your room. While you can still go with a traditional style of table, you can also mix it up, creating a fresh new look with a coffee table that can be very nontraditional. The only guiding principles are to pick a table that fits your needs and the look you're going for. From there you can branch out, finding a style that is unique to you, one that reflects your personal tastes as well as the room's décor.

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